Monday, June 15, 2009

What a busy Week

Fantastic weekend, I hope you enjoyed yours...

Last week was busy and we were able to launch our new flagship product and introduce it to the marketplace. We had a baby shower at Poway Lake for my fourth grandchild, all of which have been girls.

I met a gentleman last week who is interested in setting up a website for his coffee import business. The coffee is coming from Italy and is supposedly much better than Starbucks.

Keep up with this blog and you might find yourself drinking a cup shortly. Other work includes more websites to create for people and content to write.

This weekend I was able to sit down on Sunday and bang out a couple more articles on Poker Parties. I am creating a 10 article submission strategy to boost my page views on which is currently housing an affiliate link to Winning at Texas Holdem for Dummies book.

I thought the book would stir interest in some folks, but I am only willing to do bum marketing strategies with this site. I hope this shows in the short term, maybe 3 months whether I picked a winner or not. If it fails to raise any sales, I will implement a few more pages and add some extra goodies like folding card tables and chip sets.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We Are Live!

In Today's episode, Dwight Exclaimed: We Are Live! Today is the launch of our new product, Piano Music Glyphs.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holdem Poker lessons taught by the pros

In Today's episode, Dwight Asked: Why does facebook's Holdem poker seem to win a lot of straights?

I was noticing that the amount of straights that were coming up winners were everywhere. They were kicking my hind end. I mean, I managed to win a few hands but I was wiped out plenty of times.

I saw lots of people going all in on each hand. I am not sure what they were accomplishing doing that. I would just fold my hand. I guess you get new chips each day so might as well pass the ones you get today along?

I actually love to play hold'em poker and have seen a few tournaments myself. There was one here in San Diego just a couple of weeks ago. Ten dollar buy-in, winner gets a chance to move on to the next level heading towards the big leagues.

Oh, the excitement is just too much for my heart, so I'll just sit here online playing with fake money on facebook.