Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holdem Poker lessons taught by the pros

In Today's episode, Dwight Asked: Why does facebook's Holdem poker seem to win a lot of straights?

I was noticing that the amount of straights that were coming up winners were everywhere. They were kicking my hind end. I mean, I managed to win a few hands but I was wiped out plenty of times.

I saw lots of people going all in on each hand. I am not sure what they were accomplishing doing that. I would just fold my hand. I guess you get new chips each day so might as well pass the ones you get today along?

I actually love to play hold'em poker and have seen a few tournaments myself. There was one here in San Diego just a couple of weeks ago. Ten dollar buy-in, winner gets a chance to move on to the next level heading towards the big leagues.

Oh, the excitement is just too much for my heart, so I'll just sit here online playing with fake money on facebook.

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