Monday, May 25, 2009

Can't work on Memorial Day

One Should spend time with the family. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers are on order today. The pool water is running warm to hot because of the pool cover we put on starting in January-February time frame.

Granddaughter spent the night last night, it was good to let the parents get a break, but you forget how much energy a 4 year old has. I was ready for bed by 10:00pm.

Working a little today with the keyword list for the product I have been developing. I have searched high and low for keywords that might fit with it.

I love Google search engine's front page. When you start typing in the word and you get to the end of what you think is the best keyword you can think of, Google on the right hand side, shows you how many times that word has been looked up in the past month. If you wait just a second or two, other related words will add themselves behind the first word, making up searched for phrases instead of just one word.

I use this technique when looking for phrases that have large numbers for look up and low numbers of landing pages and with no competition on ads for the first page. I am going to do some follow up on responses when test marketing the product.

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